A L A N   B R I A N​ 

E U R O P E A N   H A I R A R T I S T

A D V A N C E D    T R A I N I N G

Advanced colour classes @  L'Oreal Institute, Karlsruhe, Germany.  

Creative colour & balayage @  L"Oreal Institute, Paris, France.  

Advanced cutting & styling @  Jaques Dessange, Paris, France.   

Advanced finishing  
and styling techniques @  Marlies Moeller, Duesseldorf,  Germany  

Advanced cutting & finishing,  with Irvine Rusk, Las Vegas, NV.  

Advanced cutting & finishing,  with Ruth Roche, Las Vegas, NV.  

Fine hairdressing and up-do's,  with Trevor Sorbie, Las Vegas, NV.  

L'Oreal color educator for 5 years, Las Vegas.  

Aveda color educator for 3 years,Las Vegas.

Advanced color training, L'Oreal, Boston

Advanced color and hilighting, Schwarzkopf, Portsmouth

Color and product knowledge, Davines, Portsmouth

Brazillian Blowout Certification, Boston

Of course, countless hairshows and conventions,
throughout Europe and the US over the years.

C A R E E R   &   W O R K

1976 - 1979  Haarcenter Hess - Munich, Germany
Completed a 3 year apprenticeship in cosmetology.
(the 3 most grueling years of my life, but, excellent training)

1979 - 1984  Coiffeur Hans Spiel - Munich, Germany
Hired as a junior stylist and worked my way up to senior stylist.
(also not a cakewalk, worth every minute of it)

1984 - 1987  Salon St. Tropez - Munich, Germany
Hired as a senior stylist and also took on the responsibility of
apprentice trainer. (whew)

1987 - 1989  Heads Salon - Munich, Germany
Hired as a master stylist and creative director for fashion shows /
photo shoots, etc.. ( this was a very creative time, i loved it)

1989 - 1992  Hairem Scarem - Las Vegas NV.
First Salon I worked at in the US,
Lot's of fun and learning

1992 - 1999  Sizzrhandz Studio - Las Vegas NV.
Opened my first Salon
(talk about "you never stop learning" boy, did i learn a lot)

1999 - 2003  Laguna Salon & Spa - Las Vegas NV.
Hired as hair stylist/ salon manager
( try managing a bunch of hairdressers and still find time
to do some great hair)

2003 - 2010  Salon St. Moritz - Big Bear Lake CA.
Opened my second Salon in a ski resort
( got back in touch with nature & the things i love doing,
very mellow)

2010 - 2015 Patrix Salon  875 Islington  
Independent Stylist & Educator

Now @ Posare Salon in Downtown Summerlin

Independent Stylist & Educator
10965 Lavender Hills Dr.
L.V., NV. 89135

​​​Born in Munich, Germany,
I didn't always dream of becoming a hair dresser, actually the thought had never crossed my mind.
I was interested in becoming an interior decorator / designer for commercial spaces, but fate would have none of it,
there was a 2 year wait to even get in to the school.

O.K., I could wait 2 years, but, what to do in the mean-time?
My mother was not about to let me sit around the house for the next 2 years, so, in her german wisdom and persuasion,
suggested I apprentice as a hairdresser at the Salon where she got her hair done.
They just so happened to be looking for a new apprentice, "it's also a creative field" she said. Having never stepped foot in a
SALON, I thought, what the heck, after this, I could still go back to school and follow my dream in interior decorating/designing.

So, I went for the interview to the salon. As I sat waiting for Frau Hess, I noticed something about the Salon
and became very excited about a career in hair, " THIS IS WHERE ALL THE WOMEN ARE". Hey, at 15 that's a priority.
That cinched it for me.
The first year, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, the second was a grind , the third year was very tough, but,
after graduating is when i really got hooked.

I couldn't learn about, do or touch enough hair, it became an obsession.

Attending every class, show and seminar i could possibly get my hands on, to hone and master my skills.
I also had the good fortune to work with and be mentored by some of the best in the industry,
for which I am forever grateful.
Having traveled quite extensively throughout Europe and the U.S., learning something new  wherever I went.
The world is my college, I'm a student for life.

I'm very passionate about creating customized hair cuts & color for women.
Helping them achieve & maintain a look and style all their own, natural, casual yet elegant.
I approach every Clients hair cut/color as an artist would a blank canvas,
setting out to create a great experience for, and a lasting relationship with every Client I have the privilege to serve